What is Legal Staffing?

The easiest way to understand what a legal staffing agency is and does is to think of them as a matchmaker. They bring together the talent with the people who need that talent. Like that darling old lady who pairs the young villagers for marriage in Fiddler on the Roof, legal agencies are either hired by companies that require employees for specific tasks or projects, or they help potential employees get hired by those companies.

Some of an agency’s services can include:

  • Traditional temporary/contract staffing
  • Consultants (attorneys, paralegals and eDiscovery consultants)
  • Temporary help to cover increased workloads (for example, tax season or extended employee absences)
  • Executive searches
  • Temporary-to-hire staffing
  • Direct-hire staffing
  • On-site partnered staffing

These new hires can help with all sorts of projects. In short, they can provide whatever your company needs. Do you have pages upon pages of managed document review that needs batching and sorting? They can handle everything from preparing binders and exhibits to designing demonstrative aids. Do you have consulting services that need handling? That’s certainly available. Do you need litigation support? Piece of cake. That little old lady can find you someone perfect to marry.

How is SuitsOn Staffing different?

SuitsOn Staffing provides a cost-effective, collaborative way to bring quality legal professionals together with the companies that need them. Because a company’s culture is always growing and changing, we grow and change with you. This means we understand that your needs won’t always be the same. Sometimes you’ll only need someone to cover a temporary project, while other times you might need a couple of legal professionals to handle something larger on a longer-term basis. You might even need a full-time employee.

We pride ourselves on the ability to find employees who can fit in seamlessly with the staff you’ve already built. It’s not just the ability to do the job; it’s a matter of disposition as well. We make sure that everyone works well together and that there is a perfect mix of personalities. At SuitsOn Staffing, we want you to be happy with the legal professionals we find for you. If we help you find a job placement, we want you to be comfortable with the environment in which you work. When everyone can have a good conversation around the water cooler, then we know that we have succeeded.

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