Legal Staffing in the Modern World

Many temporary workers worry about this increasingly temporary job economy.

When an economy is uncertain, as it has been in recent years, employers are more likely to turn to temporary workers. They do this because they can only afford so much, they only need so much, and they can cut the workers loose at the end. An average of 3.0 million temporary workers were employed per week in 2013, which is the most recent data that we have available. While the temporary employees are hoping that they will make a lasting impression and stay on, the employers are planning on just that — a temporary arrangement.

So when you think about it, legal staffing agencies make sense in the grand scheme of things.

Law firms are not the juggernauts they used to be. Individual attorneys used to be engaged on a single-project basis. As technology becomes infinitely more complex, it has allowed firms to spread across the globe, opening branch offices in countries they’d never dreamed of before. This allowed attorneys to work together despite being times zones apart.

The Great Recession messed everything up. The economy has been improving since then, but wages have still been stagnant. Suddenly lawyers were thrown into the gladiator’s den, fighting against lions. Applicants had to find any edge they could because employers were becoming choosier. There were no more company lunches, no more flights to Las Vegas, no more wining and dining of clients, and no more extravagant salaries. Everything was budgeted within an inch of its life.

Lawyers needed as much assistance as they could find, and legal staffing agencies (which had always been there, but suddenly existed with so much more relevance) filled the void.

Many temporary workers have had to start utilizing staffing agencies, sometimes more than one. By going this route, they are able to find positions that they would not on their own. Agencies have deeper connections and have been in the industry for a long time. Firms know that they have a high success rate and their guiding hand helps to shield against the harsher conditions of the industry. This means that they are likely to have listings that won’t be on a computer database.

SuitsOn Staffing helps temporary workers connect with high-class legal firms, providing services like business analytics, eDiscovery, legal recruiting, and document review. No matter what the economy is like, they can help you land the job you want. Contact them today to start the process.

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