A legal recruiter — or any recruiter, really — is a boon in today’s Gig Economy. Jobs are available, sure, but many employers don’t have the resources available to hire someone full-time. Work still needs doing, but there aren’t enough hands on deck to help man the ship. What do you do? “We need to hire someone,” you say…

The “but,” naturally, comes right after: “… but we don’t have the money to pay someone full-time.” This means you must either become very creative with your finances or only hire someone for as long as you need them. Temporary staffers meet this requirement.

You hire someone to fill that efficiency gap. This allows you to find someone fast, select them quickly and get them straight to work. You might even find real talent this way. By using a staffing agency, you won’t waste your own time conducting interviews. It’s a win-win for everyone.

… Most of the time, anyway. It can be hard to trust a temporary staffer, obviously. You don’t expect that person to stick around for long, which also might make them thoroughly uninvested in your work product. Why would they be incentivized to show any team spirit when they’re only filing papers or chasing down documents in the courthouse? You don’t want to entrust them with anything too involved or difficult, because the time spent explaining work to them is your billable hours down the drain. You don’t want to even like them too much or get too used to their presence, because that will make it harder when they inevitably leave. You are two ships in the night passing in the harbor, and never the twain shall meet.

Ready For Something More Permanent?

Maybe, though, it doesn’t have to be inevitable that a temporary staffer leaves. This can be a great way to test the waters and see if adding another person to your staff will make a big dent in the workload. Not sure what you need in terms of time or skill level? Explain where your workplace is currently falling short, and a staffing agency can find the right people to supplement your crew.

A temp-to-permanent solution can work wonders. The temporary staffer will be incredibly invested, because the “permanent status” carrot is being dangled in front of them. You will be happy because that staffer will be working hard. The staffing agency will be happy that they provided a solution and got paid for their own work. Here, everybody wins even more than they did before.

Still not sure? Talk to a staffing agency (like us) to find out more.

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