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Staffing and the Future of Technology

Will We Be Replaced by Technology?

Everyone worries about becoming obsolete. It’s only natural in this day and age, when companies seem to rise and fall in the blink of an eye.

Demand for temporary workers has been on the rise since the recession. It’s become a culture in which bosses don’t get attached to those they hire and in which employees don’t feel loyal because they can’t afford to do so. But during all of this angst, the work still piles up and clients must be helped. So what to do?

Most lawyers remain relatively old-fashioned in that they prefer human assistance, but others have tried to fill the void with apps or other computer programs, using various legal process outsourcing programs to pick up the slack. While there is no true legal artificial intelligence yet, there are plenty of programs trying to muscle in on the space. LexPredict uses artificial analysis to do document review, which used to be a very human job. Eversheds has a proprietary eDiscovery platform.

The Need for a Human Interaction

It’s not a matter of whether one is better than the other; technology can get more done in a minute than a human can in a lifetime. But the real question is, who will be needed to interpret the computer’s results?

Oh, that’s right. Lawyers.

The relationship will change, to be sure. There might not be as many lawyers needed in the future, which means the market will become more competitive. But there will always be a need for attorneys to comprehend the information being provided by computer programs.

That is where a company like SuitsOn Staffing comes in. Our roster of attorneys are forward-thinking and already prepared for this inevitable shift in the legal landscape. By using our dynamic team of staffing professionals, we can find the most qualified candidates who will be able to work with technology instead of against it. They are ahead of the curve, laden with experience, but still savvy.

Stay Ahead using Technology

If this sounds like someone your firm could use, or if your office just needs a breath of fresh air, contact SuitsOn Staffing today. These changes in technology happen around us so subtly that sometimes you blink, and then you realize how much has changed since last you noticed. The same happens in the legal tech world. Don’t get left behind.

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