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Legal Recruiting

SuitsOn Staffing finds qualified and skilled legal professionals through a unique approach that connects individuals to great companies. Using our signature personal approach, world-class customer service, and decades of experience, we can deliver on all your legal staffing and consulting needs.

SuitsOn Staffing specializes exclusively in recruiting skilled legal professionals for law firms and corporate legal departments, and understands the intricacies of working in the legal field because we’ve been there. SuitsOn Staffing’s legal recruiters have experience in the legal industry that gives us a very specific and detailed insight to what companies need from candidates, so you know you are getting our best candidates the first time.


SuitsOn Staffing | Legal Staffing and Legal Recruiting
SuitsOn Staffing | Document Review

Document Review

SuitsOn Staffing deploys review strategies for complex, big data challenges by using the most scalable, efficient, and innovative processes available. By using our trained professionals that have the experience and subject matter expertise to understand the nuances of legal industry terminology and deliver quality results.

These services include, but not limited to:

  • Prepare binders and exhibits
  • Configure videos
  • Design demonstrative aids
  • E-Filing
  • Memoranda of law & Pleadings
  • Discovery Responses
  • Trial Preparation

Compensation Planning

Compensation planning plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your employees remain motivated to work for your company. A good compensation plan not only rewards them adequately for their performance, but also lets them know that your organization is the best place for them to continue shining.

Business Analytics

Organizations are challenged to create value using data to generate opportunities.  Our solutions are designed help you unlock the real value in your data for smarter decision making. Discover more with your data and make informed decisions to execute on insights that create value for your organization.


Document review is the most important aspect of the eDiscovery process, but it is also the most time consuming and costly, accounting for 60-85% of all eDiscovery costs. SuitsOn Staffing’s eDiscovery services help law firms efficiently and effectively manage the review process to reduce the time, manpower and cost.

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