Document Review: Paying Per Hour or Per Document?

There are many document review companies shuffling for prominence in today’s crowded market. Many of them employ fully-fledged attorneys, while others employ JDs (those who hold a juris doctorate degree rather than having an “esquire” at the end of their names, the latter of which shows that they have passed their respective state Bar exam). They work by the hour, shuffling through paper after paper, loading them onto computers, indexing them, batching them, categorizing them, determining which documents are privileged — and on and on and on, box after box after box.

Others offer a “per document” package instead of doing the job by the hour. This has several advantages for the client, such as knowing exactly what the end cost is going to be. If there are only so many documents, it’s going to cost X dollars unless more pages are added. You don’t necessarily know how many hours document review attorneys are going to work because there are many variables you cannot control, such as lag time for computers, network outages, power outages, waiting time while uploading documents, and so on.

With a “per document” package, a client isn’t surprised. There is transparency, the budget stays intact, the financial department won’t get mad, and everyone goes home happy.

Meanwhile, with a “per hour” package, even if there is downtime during a power outage or document lag, that attorney is still being paid. You’re paying for that break. Wouldn’t that be better spent on something else?

SuitsOn Staffing offers comprehensive document review services that won’t break the bank. If you have a complex, big-data challenge, we will use our most efficient and innovative processes available. Our experts have comprehensive experience and thorough understanding, which allows them to deliver quality results.

Our Other Services:

● E-Filing
● Configuring videos
● Preparing binders and exhibits
● Designing demonstrative aids
● Memoranda of law & pleadings
● Discovery responses
● Trial preparation

If you need help preparing for your trial and need to organize your documents, contact SuitsOn Staffing today. We know exactly where to start.

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