It can be difficult to be objective about your own best qualities. Often we can be negative, focusing only on the parts of ourselves we’d most like to change. Other times we are far too flattering of our own egos. Either way, it can be best to look for an objective opinion.

This is why, when creating a succession plan for your law firm, it can benefit you and your partners to consult a legal recruiter. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t handle hiring on an internal basis — who knows your own firm better than you, after all?

Listening to an outside, neutral source can provide a world of good. A recruiter can take a good, long look at your law firm and tell you exactly what you need and what you lack. To find the perfect successors to a partner, an associate, a paralegal, even an administrative staffer, requires someone who can both distill the necessary skills required for a job and what a firm needs in terms of personality. And what if you want to grow your firm?

Recruiters Are The Way To Go

Legal recruiters have access to far more pools of candidates than you do. They have contacts they’ve built over years-long relationships, established networks, and they know which firms are producing quality candidates. They know where to look for people who aren’t even looking for jobs, but are open to new opportunities.

Meanwhile, if you want to handle that yourself, that requires time away from your work while you focus on things other than your clients. You take it upon yourself to dig through countless resumes, waiting for the candidate to come to you instead of you going to them. That’s old-school.

Your clients should come first. A legal recruiter can take the responsibility of finding the perfect number of candidates for you to interview. We keep the process from becoming consuming and overwhelming. Your intervention is required only for the most important part: selecting someone.

SuitsOn Staffing is one such company, and we pride ourselves on the ability to find the right person for the right job. By handing the reins to a company that specializes in this, you are doing right by your law firm.

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