Finding the Right Legal Staffing Agency

Searching for a job is hard. Searching for a job in this particular working climate? Even more difficult. Competition is fiercer than ever before, and you — the job-seeker — need every advantage you can get.

If someone told you, “Hey, there’s a company dedicated to helping people like you,” or perhaps, “Hey, there’s a company that specifically looks for jobs matching your resume,” then you’d at least be interested, right? Maybe it’s not enough to commit right on the spot, but you would do some homework and see if a legal staffing agency can help your job search.

And you absolutely should do research. Working with the right staffing agency is a must, and sometimes even a recruiter’s personality can go a long way. Find someone who makes you feel comfortable, because then you can feel free to discuss your qualifications at length. The more your recruiter knows, the more they can help you. What are your skills? Did you work on any large or significant cases? Maybe you’re licensed to practice in front of the IRS!

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Legal staffing agencies turn that information into results because they are matchmakers at heart. Like your best friend trying to get you a date in college, a recruiter becomes your wingman. The idea is to find the company and the recruiter that a) feel like the best fit for you and b) can find you a job in your field — sooner rather than later.

This means you must take an active role in your own search, but not in the way you might think. You need to interview staffing agencies to see which is most appropriate for your specific search. It’s not enough to just search through the list of agencies on the American Staffing Association’s website and picking the one nearest to your house. You want something more. Legal staffing agencies, for instance, will help you land a legal position. A recruiter will search for positions on your behalf, contacting you when they find something relevant. They set up interviews for you, and often they find jobs that you never would have found on your own.

This is because staffing agencies have connections that go far beyond an electronic job board. They can find those temporary and contract gigs that turn into full-time positions, often by revisiting solid contacts they’ve gained from years of experience (and note: Statistics say that half of staffing employees say it’s a way to get a full-time job).

You might as well give it a try, because you know what’s even better? Many staffing company offer resources and tips for making yourself more marketable for potential employers. They can evaluate you on an objective basis and provide suggestions for improvement. Remember that when you succeed, they succeed.

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