Legal Staffing Agencies vs. Job Boards

When the Internet Just Doesn’t Have a Human Touch

There’s no earthly reason why this is true, but somehow everyone can sense it — that feeling when an office staff just isn’t right. Maybe it’s because there’s a member or two whose personalities don’t gel with the others or whose values don’t align with the rest of the company. Perhaps key staff positions have gone unfilled for too long and everyone else is straining under the weight. Whatever the reason, these announcements are made on a universal frequency, and everyone in an office can sense them.

That’s when you know that something needs changing around the law office. The logical thing would be to hire or fire, but to whom do you turn if you don’t have the time or expertise?

Legal staffing agencies fill the gap. It’s rare for any one employee to stay the length of their career in one job anymore, unfortunately. This means a lot of transition within a company, and that’s a lot of mental bandwidth for Human Resources to keep up with; or, if it’s a smaller company, for the partners of a law firm to handle. The partners went to law school, for goodness’ sake. They know the basics of hiring, but they shouldn’t be taking time out of their days to be culling through candidates and searching through scores of job boards. Do people still use job boards? Is there an app for that? they wonder. (Anyone who says “Yes” has left the answer to a job board, and a job board doesn’t give you anything more than a job listing.)

What Makes a Legal Staffing Agency Different?

It’s easier to just let a legal staffing agency take over. They have the knowledge, skills, contacts, and experience to get the job done faster and more effectively than anyone in an office can, and without all the stress. The most important thing that a legal staffing agency offers is a human being. Without a touch of humanity, the whole process goes south. Job boards are great, sure. They provide a wealth of information at the click of a button, and you can spend hours culling through lists and lists of jobs you never would’ve dreamed of finding. But are your resumes going to actually find their way to a person, or are they going to be sent into an electronic black hole? How do you make sure that it gets to where it says it’s going?

When you use a legal staffer, your resume is handed directly to a human. That human takes your resume and trades it directly to a law firm partner, who looks at it with his own eyes. There are fewer candidates, so you have less competition, as opposed to a job board where everyone and their mothers can see the listing. It takes so much of the guesswork out of the equation that it seems insane not to use them. And that way, everything can get to feeling normal around the office much faster.

SuitsOn Staffing can help you get started in your own legal career search if you’re looking for a new job. If you’re a law firm that needs to fill a position, we can assist you with that as well.

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