Why should I use legal staffing agencies?

The working world is growing and changing, and the days of finding a job that turns into a career are long gone. It’s very rare now to have a position in which you are able to stay with an employer for years upon years, building a relationship and a 401K. It’s too expensive for the employer, and furthermore, it’s too hard to find for the employee. We have truly become the “gig economy.”

That is why staffing agencies are more important than ever. They pair workers with employers and make sure that needs do not go unmet. In this arrangement, both sides win.

It makes sense in many situations.

Caseloads for law firms are not the same year-round. They ebb and flow depending on circumstances, how many people are working and other factors. Tax firms know that they will need more manpower during tax time, for instance. Personal injury firms need more litigation paralegals right before trial prep starts. Firms don’t need all of their employees all the time because these situations don’t last for long periods.

Temporary hires allow for a trial period.

You’ve heard the phrase “Try before you buy,” right? Well, it applies here too. Temporary hires allow you to find out if this particular person fits into your workplace community. Does he or she gel with the other employees? Is his or her personality a good fit? This is a big question for a lot of people, and this lets you technically have an extended job interview. See how the new hire fits in.

This lets you save money and time.

Bouncing off the previous point, if your temporary employee doesn’t seem to be a good fit, you can cut them loose. This means that you didn’t invest a ton of time and effort into making him or her a permanent employee. You didn’t set up a 401K; you didn’t put benefits in place; you didn’t make business cards or a nameplate for their door or a page on the company website. This lets you just get on with your life.

A flexible company means that you bring on who you need when you need them, and you let them go when you’re done. SuitsOn Staffing allows you to do this. If you’re ready to move your company to the next level of work productivity, contact us today.

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