A legal staffing company has your best interests at heart. These organizations exist to help your law firm identify necessary areas for improvement and hire accordingly. However, if you don’t do some serious examination of your practice and determine what needs supplementation, you will waste money and time.

It’s important to know A.) who in your firm requires help and B.) what specific tasks are to be completed. It’s not enough to say, “We need extra hands here!” What type of hands do you need? How many hands? Where will those hands be working?

Types of Recruiters

There are various types of recruiters and staffers, and each specializes in something different. Knowing what they do will help you figure out what you need.

  • Third-party agency recruiters: work on a contingency basis for agencies who require assistance filling open positions.
  • Retained recruiters: work on C-level positions and paid a commission or flat fee for producing candidates for review. Their payment isn’t contingent on whether someone gets hired; they just amass a pool of suitable candidates.
  • Corporate/internal recruiters: salaried employees who work internally on an ongoing basis.
  • Temporary staffing/augmentation recruiters: work on discrete projects and paid based on hourly billings.

SuitsOn Staffing specializes in corporate recruiting, and we can help your firm find the right people for the right jobs. By focusing on legal staffing, our experienced team can fill your needs more efficiently.

Do your research

  1. Know the lay of the land: You know your firm better than anyone else, even recruiters. You know what jobs need supplementation, and you know which projects require assistance. By telling recruiters this information ahead of time, they can tailor their searches accordingly.
  2. Be honest about what you need: A candidate might be the nicest person in the world and gel with your existing employees, but if she doesn’t have the right skill set, then it’s an exercise in futility. List out what you need, and don’t be afraid to ask. We want you to be happy with your choice.
  3. Be active: Stay involved and talk with us. Don’t be afraid to give us feedback. We want this to be a collaborative process.

By working with SuitsOn Staffing, we will make sure you find the perfect employees, no matter whether they’re temporary, project-based, or full-time. It’s our job!

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