Hiring employees to work remotely used to be a rarity, but the modern workplace is changing as technology delivers more and more communication and information-sharing innovation. Telepresence devices, conference and video calling, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are making virtual offices and remote workers more and more prevalent. Here’s a list of some of the key advantages to hiring remote workers to address legal staffing needs:

Limited distractions

Fewer employees on-site means fewer distractions from the task at hand. Social interaction has always been part of the traditional office dynamic; working remotely means socializing and work can be kept quite separate.

Relaxed environment = happier workers

People are most content working where they want to be. Hiring remote workers means those who work from home are happy and those remaining in the office are likely more content as well. More things get done, but the extra activity isn’t actually taking up physical or psychological space.

No commute

Especially in urban centers, traffic woes and traveling distances can add to workers’ stress and take up valuable time. Working remotely allows employees to get started on time, while saving on gas, and car wear and tear or public transportation costs. In the winter months or in severe weather, working remotely can also be safer.

Reduced turnover

Happier employees means less staff burnout and turnover. Fewer staff on-site can also mean cutting overhead costs, adding to workplace stability.

Access to global talent

When it comes to remote workers, choice across borders can bring efficiency around work done in different time zones. It also allows companies to outpost diverse markets and benefit from regional expertise.

Good for remote workers’ growth and self-reliance

Knowing employees can be trusted to work independently can help maintain a productive and dynamic workplace. Workers grow in confidence and self-reliance, and employers may feel like they can delegate more responsibility.

With the help of legal recruiting experts, companies and legal firms can configure their workplace with a range of staffing solutions in order to maximize well-being, productivity and flexibility. Hiring remote workers should definitely be among them.

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