How Legal Staffing Can Help Your Business

Your company probably has one mantra it wants to follow: Produce more and spend less. That sounds great, and it seems easy when it’s tossed around a boardroom during a meeting. But then the meeting ends and you’re faced with the cold reality that you’re expected to do more with less money, you know, during the last gasps of a Great Recession.

So how are you supposed to make your company thrive with less? It sounds like the makings of an essentialism project, a “How to Tidy up Your Corporate Life” sort of thing, but really you’re just scrappy. You’re doing what everyone’s doing. You’re making do.

Legal Staffing Agencies Can Fill the Gaps

Staffing agencies have long existed to assist companies when their projects pile up, when long-term employees go on leave, or when they just need extra hands.

Legal staffing agencies like SuitsOn Staffing, however, are far more specialized than regular staffing agencies. If you are a company that requires legal work to be done and you need to hire those of the legal persuasion, it might be a good idea to look into working with a staffing agency.

  • Like normal staffing agencies, you can go with a temporary worker before hiring someone full-time. Our temps bring a whole pack of skills to the table. We understand that most conversations start with “In this economy…” and that things are expensive. Make sure that the employee is a good fit before you bring him or her on full-time.
  • Temps are flexible. They supplement your staff exactly where you need them. Will they handle the minutiae, such as answering phones and scanning papers, thus raising morale among your full-time staffers because they won’t be bogged down with the low-priority administrative tasks? If there’s anything that will bother an associate, it’s answering phones after he went to law school. Our temps, however, range from paralegals to specialized attorneys. Whatever level of experience you need, we can provide.
  • You can also bring in specialized employees for certain projects. For instance, if your firm works on tax projects, you can bring in tax attorneys to help during that time of the year. Legal staffing agencies have an abundance of knowledge about your specific industry versus general staffing agencies who have a lot of knowledge about every industry. A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. We have a database full of contacts that is far-reaching in the legal sphere, and we know exactly where to turn when a client comes to us with a specific query.
  • Legal staffing agencies also help potential employees by guiding them to continuing education courses that keep them sharp and hirable. Most states have CLE requirements, but even lawyers in the states that don’t should make an effort to stay abreast of developments in the law. A good staffing agency will help potential hires find courses that will provide useful skills and contacts.

Legal staffing agencies exist to help pair together the perfect employee with the perfect company. At SuitsOn Staffing, we aim to do just that. Contact us today to get started!


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