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The Legal Job Search is Hard Enough. Do You Want Help?

Law school was rough, wasn’t it? Three years — sometimes more if you were part-time or a night student — of absolute agony. Your hair probably went gray. Maybe you developed a severe case of bruxism. Your eyesight most likely degraded to the point where you need lenses meant for 80-year-old residents of nursing homes. But you did it. You graduated. You’re on the other side.

And now you need a job.

The legal sphere is still pretty rough, all things considered. It seems to be picking up for niche markets and lateral moves; but unless you have eDiscovery or tech skills, it might be hard to get hired. Value these days is about what particular skills you bring to the table, as opposed to an overall package. And if you have those technology buzzwords, the odds of you making it to the final round of interviews are a lot higher.


The Experts in the Legal Job Market

We at SuitsOn Staffing have seen this time and time again. The job market is a fluid entity, morphing and changing on a daily if not hourly basis — especially in this climate where lawyers are working everywhere from courthouses to airport floors. However, we tailor our approach so that companies look past the buzzwords and see the candidate as an actual person, not as a stand-in who just happens to know some tech.

We bring people together and make it a human experience. That is where much of the hiring process has gone wrong over the years, and that is why we make it our mission to bring a personalized touch when a candidate and company meet. What good is it for a candidate to know eDiscovery if the two don’t get along? You need to have a mesh of personalities if the hiring is going to work in the long run. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and money if the hiring doesn’t work out. That is why we get it right the first time around.

SuitsOn Staffing specializes in long-term, short-term and contract staffing. We also provide document review services and project-based contractors who have the expertise necessary to get a job done on time. If your firm is preparing for trial and needs extra hands on deck, SuitsOn Staffing can make sure that those extra hands are smart, capable and ready to work.

Start a Successful Job Search

If you are a recent legal graduate who needs a boost in your job search, contact us today and take a deep breath. You will absolutely find a placement soon. That’s why we’re here!

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