We Do Document Review So You Don’t Have To.

How many nights have you spent late in the office with papers strewn everywhere, your paralegals and secretaries hiding in the conference room or cowering at their desks, terrified because you’re in such a terrible mood? You’ve taken over the trial preparation process yourself because you can’t bear to give up control to anyone else.

This happens a lot in small- to medium-sized firms — you fear the thought of an exhibit being missed or a page being forgotten, so you decide to put everything together yourself. And, thus, everybody suffers. Long nights become the norm until the trial is over; and then everyone stumbles home, shellshocked and weary, bleary-eyed and weak.

We have come to tell you that you don’t have to do that anymore.

It’s a big thing, giving up control. We get that. But you’re needed elsewhere. You’re needed by your clients, at your desk, on your phone, in the courtroom. You aren’t needed in the conference room, surrounded by an explosion of papers that need to be put into a semblance of order with tabs and binders and exhibits.

You went to law school so you wouldn’t have to do that, remember?

We provide more services than that, too. We have enough experience and subject matter expertise that we can also

  • Prepare exhibits;
  • Configure videos;
  • Design demonstrative aids;
  • Prepare e-filing;
  • Draft memoranda and pleadings; and
  • Write discovery responses.

Our services at SuitsOn Staffing aren’t even limited to that. Whatever you need, we can do it. And that leaves you more time to do the important things, like help your clients.

Which is what you went to law school for.

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