We are a staffing company, so it makes sense that we like talking about new hires. Getting a job offer is an exciting time; it means change, beginning and expansion. It also means letting go of an old job and an old way of living.

Transitioning to a new job can be stressful, even if it’s something you really want. It could be your dream job, but unless you handle the transition with care, the stress might overwhelm you.

Here are some ways to ease the burden of transitioning:

Know that feeling loss is normal

One thing starts as another thing ends. As long as you expect this, the feeling of sadness or loss you experience when winding down your employment won’t be a hindrance to finishing up your duties. This can happen even with a job you despise. There is comfort in familiarity, and losing comfort can be scary. Make sure you do not wallow for a prolonged period of time by, as Attorney at Work said, putting a time limit on it. You get X days to grieve and sort out your emotions, and then it’s time to square your shoulders and move on.

Take a deep breath

This is where you get a grip on yourself and start planning for the future. Desk items must be put in boxes, files organized, and your office cleaned out. This point can be terrifying because it leads to the actual moment when you pick up that last box and say goodbye to everyone for the final time as an employee. AAW actually recommends meditation, which is a great idea. Focus on the idea that this transition, no matter how difficult it is, will lead to grand new things. Let the anxiety wash away as you stride out into the parking lot and get into your car. Remember, you were hired at a new company because they saw your inherent value.

Know that this is temporary

A transition is exactly that: one moment that leads to another. That lurching feeling you get when something new and unexpected occurs is actually not unexpected at all. This time of your life is the next step in your professional progression. Don’t let the feeling of comfort keep you from moving forward. After all, once you settle in at your new office an, you will wonder why you were ever so nervous.

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