How to Circumvent the Perils of eDiscovery

Even a couple of years ago, when eDiscovery was really becoming an actual thing, attorneys should have started to be very scared. These days, it’s even scarier.

Culling, deduplication, archiving, backups — what? What do all these things mean? In the old days, you just relied on your IT team and hoped for the best. Now it ultimately falls upon you, the lawyer, if a piece of evidence is or is not where it’s supposed to be. Now your IT team looks to you. Isn’t that terrifying? Most days you can barely turn the computer on, much less know where a piece of evidence is archived.

That’s why it helps to have an eDiscovery team in place before that gets too difficult. Do you know where everything is kept? Do you know if it’s duplicated? What if you accidentally leave some evidence out? Then you might receive a nasty letter from opposing counsel, or worse — you might get a letter from the Bar Association.

And do you really have time to sit there at your monitor, endlessly clicking through files when you should be working with your clients?

Having people like SuitsOn Staffing to help you when it comes time to do Document Review will save on time and money, as that accounts for 60-85% of all eDiscovery costs. We have the manpower necessary to assist you when it really counts. The last thing you want to do when preparing for a trial is wondering where the important documents are, how many copies there are, if they’re hot, if they’re properly culled, if they’re not properly culled… Why not leave that to someone else?

There is a reason eDiscovery is a highly technical, specialized field that requires training. It’s because making a mistake can result in a large pitfall that can cost you a case, or even your firm. Don’t let that kind of mistake happen to you. Don’t assume that something is going to be in a given document based on what a client has told you.  Invest in yourself by investing in a service like SuitsOn Staffing. We will take care of you.



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