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Career Versus a Job – What’s the Difference?

On average, people spend about a third of their lives at work. Some people choose to pursue a career in a field that they are passionate about, while others simply go to a job that provides them with a paycheck. And while the terms “job” and “career” are often used...

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Negotiate Your Salary

When you’ve applied for countless jobs and had multiple interviews, nothing feels greater than receiving a job offer.  And if the company’s values and job duties match what you’re seeking, your only thought might be “When can I start?” But what about the salary? Job...

Pair Up With A Legal Staffing Agency

Finding the Right Legal Staffing Agency Searching for a job is hard. Searching for a job in this particular working climate? Even more difficult. Competition is fiercer than ever before, and you -- the job-seeker -- need every advantage you can get. If someone told...

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