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Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Negotiate Your Salary

When you’ve applied for countless jobs and had multiple interviews, nothing feels greater than receiving a job offer.  And if the company’s values and job duties match what you’re seeking, your only thought might be “When can I start?” But what about the salary? Job...

Pair Up With A Legal Staffing Agency

Finding the Right Legal Staffing Agency Searching for a job is hard. Searching for a job in this particular working climate? Even more difficult. Competition is fiercer than ever before, and you -- the job-seeker -- need every advantage you can get. If someone told...

Daylight Savings Time

Floridians, Did You Set Your Clocks Back? Daylight Saving Time is an interesting biannual event that people hate in the spring and love in the fall. Getting an extra hour of sleep is always nice, but the “spring forward” aspect of DST produces a country-wide groan. In...

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