The search for top performers is a challenge most companies face year-over-year. However, hiring college graduates fresh out of school is a great way to inject innovative ideas and energy into your company. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring recent college grads:

College graduates are the economical choice.

College graduates have lower expectations when it comes to salary and benefits. They understand working long hours for less pay is a reasonable tradeoff for gaining valuable experience and building credentials. If they’re fulfilling an internship, you may also have fewer benefit responsibilities to worry about.

They want to work hard for you.

Recent college graduates tend to be eager to get their professional lives started, which means they will likely go the extra mile at work. This could include putting in extended hours or picking up the slack on jobs in which more experienced employees may not want to spend time. And let’s face it, younger people generally have more energy at their disposal and fewer lifestyle burdens and obligations to worry about.

College graduates can be trained and shaped into the kind of worker you want and need.

Thinking in the long-term, hiring recent college graduates offers an opportunity to train an employee in the values, work ethic and protocols for which your firm uniquely stands without having to untrain bad work habits. This is not just good for your company; it’s good for your community and the industry as a whole. Consider educating someone entering the workforce as a way of giving back.

Internship options may open up new sources of funding support.

There may be ways to develop and sustain a college internship program to bridge the gap between graduates and full-time employee. Check for resources available in your region to partially finance such a program. Internships are also a great way to get to know incoming graduates before making a final decision about direct employment. 

Recruiting recent graduates in the legal field can uncover untapped talent. They have much to offer, including fresh perspectives and up-to-date technical knowledge of the legal landscape. Investing the time in recent graduates can not only infuse your workplace with innovation, it will also create loyalty from that graduate for the investment you were willing to make in them.

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