How Does an Applicant Stand Out When Everyone Looks the Same?

How can a legal applicant make him- or herself more valuable?

In this rapidly evolving world where technology makes hiring easier by the day, it might seem like applicants offered by staffing firms look the same. “Why should we hire you?” they say. “You offer the same services as that guy over there. You wear the same suit. You even have the same haircut.”

These days, it’s hard to stand out. It’s so difficult to articulate a person’s unique skill set, especially when Bob Bigboss peers over his desk at you, the lowly applicant, and wonders why he should pick you apart from the 12,000 almost identical resumes.

Well, it’s true that there is a lot of competition these days. That’s truer than it’s ever been. That is why you have to work harder than ever to stand out.

Always keep learning

What’s the last higher-education class you took? You know, that you actually spent money on? I’m not talking about college or law school or anything like that. I’m not even talking about Continuing Legal Education or something you needed in order to keep your certifications. I’m talking about something that you took so that you would stand out from the crowd. Something that you took to be truly noticeable, to be ferocious in your work life, to show hiring applicants, “Yeah, I take myself seriously. I invest in myself.” When is the last time you did something like that? People spend pennies on their own continuing education, and yet they’ll drop a grand on a new iPhone. Keep the one that has the cracks — it still works.


Do you keep applying for things that have waves of competition? Try pivoting. Find something that does not necessarily appeal to most people because of its difficulty or because of its lack of “sexiness” — taxation, wills and estates, real estate. (Though there are plenty of people for whom those fields are plenty attractive, believe you me!) When the work gets harder, the field gets smaller.

Find your niche

Maybe you have a skill that others don’t have. Are you bilingual? Was your undergraduate career in something like economics or journalism, something that could have another application in your job today? Do you have a Realtor certification? These are questions that will help a legal staffer find you the perfect fit and help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s tactics like these that help our clients get hired faster. Contact us today at SuitsOn Staffing to start the process.

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