The Different Types of Legal Recruiters

There are different styles of legal recruiting, and no one style is better than another. Basically, the style that gets you hired is the best style. However, we thought that introducing you to a few different methods would be beneficial so that you could discern for yourself what recruiters are doing and how it can affect your potential placement. That way, you can decide for yourself if you like how it’s going and if you think it’s effective.

The Go-Getter

The first type of recruiter is very aggressive. He or she studies law firm websites and job boards like there is no tomorrow, and this person generally subscribes to a lot of law periodicals — only to read the job postings. They tend to think “big picture” rather than what is going on in certain firms; and even if firms aren’t asking for a certain attorney, they will find that a type of lawyer is in demand and they will go for it. “Estate planning lawyers are marketable right now? People are dying at a higher clip for some reason? Excellent.”

Applicants are sent into the void again and again; and while this is good for people who don’t like to do a lot of the legwork themselves, it does mean that they might end up interviewing at firms they would likely never have chosen if given the opportunity. It also means that the recruiter doesn’t get to know you on a personal level, though this isn’t really a big deal for some people.

The Tech Guru

The second type loves to work with computers. They use large firms’ databases to find openings, and then they use programs like LinkedIn to find candidates that might match those jobs. Then they play matchmaker. Most of this can be done from the comfort of their own home, in their pajamas, or perhaps not wearing pants at all.

This type of recruiter is more prevalent these days, which is odd considering how many people go into this field for the purpose of actually talking and connecting to other human beings. That isn’t to say that the computer-lover doesn’t talk to people, because they do — quite often. It’s just on the phone. However, it usually starts with a cold email or a LinkedIn message saying that the candidate’s resume matches quite a lot of qualities that this big firm is looking for and “Are you looking to make a shift anytime soon?” Sooner or later, someone will bite.

The Meet and Greeter

The third type loves in-person contact. He or she will try to make a date with the hiring staff at a firm and get an in that way in order to get a pulse on the firm itself. This recruiter is more old school, ignoring candidates who do not perfectly fit what the hiring staff is looking for. Essentially, he or she is an extension of the hiring coordinator. They might meet in person with the candidate and really get to know him, just so that referral can shine. They’re all about the personal touches. Everything is slow and methodical. They might miss some of the other recruits or job postings, but then they will land a referral, so it won’t matter. They did what they came to do.

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